Friday, 7 August 2009

Pink Tattoos

Will Tattoo Stay Forever or Just a Fad for Celebrities like Pink?

Alecia Beth Moore, a pop star better known as Pink, has a unique tattoo design in her body. This 27 years old singer has a tattoo of a shooting star and angel at her left shoulder. At her right wrist is engraved ”what goes around come around.”

Above it is “tru luv” and on her left thigh is a design of a dragon. At her left stomach is etched a cartoon cat and below her hairline is the barcode from the album “Miss Undaztood.” The back of her right hand has the Chinese symbol for strength and other attractive designs at her back.

Pink is one of the famous tattooed celebrities with unique tattoo collection in her body that draw the attention of people wherever she goes. The dragon in her left thigh is patterned from oriental design which is one of the most popular designs of tattoo nowadays.

If you go to the beach resorts, you will see a lot of men and women sporting a dragon tattoo in different parts of their body. One of the reasons why dragon image is preferred by celebrities, artists and young people is that this creature is a mythical beast that symbolizes power, strength and rapid movement, as well as the power of the fire that it emits in its mouth.
Pink tattoos pictures

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