Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Janet Jackson Tattoos

When the Tattoo Fad is Over, What Happens to Tattooed Celebrities like Janet Jackson?

Glances and blinks of Janet's tattoos can be seen in magazine pictures or her music videos.Whether tattoo is a fad or not, the tattoos in the body of Janet Jackson will stay forever.Janet Jackson will always be there in the limelight when the trend of tattoo is gone. This celebrity has the hieroglyphs with a flower tattooed at the back of her neck.

Janet Jackson Sankofa tattoo

She has also a tattoo on her waistline that represents important events in her life. The art of tattoo has undoubtedly caught the attention of celebrities and they have become so popular that almost everyone in Hollywood has 1 or more of unique designs in different shapes and sizes.

Janet Jackson Mickey and Minnie Mouse engaging in sex tattoo

Janet Jackson Borneo-style scorpion tatoo

Some feminine-looking celebrities have blended sweetness and some traces of masculinity with their short hairstyles and colored tattoos. Some celebrities have the names of their love ones embossed in the bodies when they are happy and replace them with other names or designs when they get bored or frustrated.

When a break-up arises between couples, either they are erased with a laser or skin-cutting, or they are replaced with their new fiancée and other designs. Some people consider their tattoos as mark of significant events in their lives.

Others treat their tattoos as symbol of their love to someone. There are those whose tattoos characterize their traits and beliefs.
Janet Jackson Tattoos

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  1. i love janet jackson im her number one fan forget everybody else.

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