Sunday, 5 July 2009

Anna Kournikova has a Great Passion for Tattoos

Anna has a huge star tattoo at her back. What makes a woman become a tattoo enthusiast especially for a popular tennis star and celebrity like Anna Kournikova? First, it is a fad in Hollywood where you can see a lot of stars wearing different kinds of tattoos in their chosen designs.

Second, tattoo fans are increasing and they love to see their favorite movie stars and celebrities having the latest tattoo fashion. Lastly, tattoos enhance the beauty of a celebrity and make her feel in the limelight with an improved aura even in formal gatherings. It becomes a blend of modern and tribal sophistication that is amusing to renowned personalities.

Tattoos are indeed global and even in Japan tattoos have been in circulation for so many years. They are treated in 2 categories in Japan; one is for symbol of power and authority and the other one is for the outcast of the society.

People are tattooed as punishment and they form the group of minority such as the “eta” or the shame of the people and the “hinin” or the non-humans. Even during the war, Japanese soldiers had their bodies etched with tattoos for identification purposes.

When their corpses are mutilated in the battlefield and their uniforms are stolen, the tattoos in their bodies become an important mode of identification.
A gallery of Anna Kournikova tattoo pictures:

Anna Kournikova Back

Anna Kournikova bikini line Back tattoo

Anna Kournikova at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon 2009
***RESTRICTIONS APPLY*** Anna Kournikova competing in the South Beach Triathlon
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