Saturday, 21 February 2009

Celebrities tattooos

Celebrities tattoos
Celebrities love to be trendsetters for fashion,entertainment,hairstyles and generally dictated the trends for other to follow.There are some celebrities who simply would not be the selfsame without tattoos.But only think about like others like Johnny Depp and his “Winona Forever.”the point is that what was once the highest accessory might nowadays be their greatest sorrow.Celebrities and tattoos go hand in hand for a long time. Tattoos have a rich history in western civilization for the better part of two hundreds years and where else is this best exemplified than nowadays celebrities who have featured or presently have body art. Check this blog to see who the most popular celebrities tattoos.
Angelina Jolie's tattoo
Mike tyson's Maori inspired facial tattoo
Nicole Richie tattoo
Rihanna’s tattoo

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