Sunday, 1 March 2009

Rihanna tattoos

Rihanna tattoos
Rihanna love tattoos and she actually has some pretty great ones she is shoving her love for ink by making a "collection"; at last count she had eleven tattoos located all over her body.Rihanna got her first tattoo back in 2006,with her best friend from Barbados they had to do something crazy and she got the tattoo.Al tho Rihanna bears eleven tattoos you probably have not even noticed one-half of them, most of them are really small and in invisible places.
List of Rihanna tattoos
Music note on her ankle
Pisces sign behind her right ear
Sanskrit prayer going down her hip
A star in her left ea
Word ‘love’ on her left middle finger
Arabic phrase on her ribcage area, meaning ‘Freedom is God’
A trail of stars going down her back
The phrase ’shhh…’ on her right index finger
Date ‘4.11.1986′ on top of her left shoulder
Henna-style dragon claw, complete with Hawaiian hibiscus flowers
Rihanna tattoos

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