Friday, 20 March 2009

Pamela Anderson Tattoos

The Amazing Tattoo Phenomenon Invades the Baywatch Babe, Pamela Anderson

What’s amazing about tattoo? Why is it regarded as a phenomenon by famous celebrities? Tattoo enhances a woman’s beauty and attraction. Even the sweetest-looking faces in Hollywood are sporting tattoos nowadays and mix them with formal attires like gowns.

It is a blend of modern and historical culture as well as a display of sophistication and carefree lifestyles. It is indeed phenomenal to see these tattoos in the bodies of socialites and celebrities and at the same time, engraved in the bodies of men in prison.Pamela Anderson, the former Playmate, Bunny of the Year and Baywatch Babe is one of the celebrities who exude fame and fortune thru her tattoos. This 38 years old celebrity who was catapulted to fame during the early days of the internet has been in the top 10 tattoo internet search consistently.

Pamela has some abstract images in her body written in black ink and a work of art at her back which is visible when she wears a backless gown. Her truly impressive barbed-wire arm band draws a lot of imitators around the world.This makes her flattered rather than become annoyed for people copying her tattoo designs. This only proves that she is gaining attention from fans all over the world.
Pamela Anderson Tattoos pictures

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