Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lindsay Lohan Tattoos

How the Glamorous Tattoos of Lindsay Lohan Enhance her Celebrity Image
Lindsay Lohan prefers to have the kind of tattoos which have unique meanings. A small tattoo of a star engraved in her forearm is the first piece that she had. This star tattoo is a small design which is printed in black. The 2nd tattoo that she has is an Italian phrase “la bella vita” which means “life is beautiful.”

This is etched on her lower portion of her back with tiny flowers. She has the tattoo in honor of her Italian grandfather as a remembrance. The procedure of scripting caused a little pain on Lindsay that made her ate ice cream while undergoing the tattoo process.

The latest tattoo of Lindsay is the word “breathe” which is scripted at her right wrist. John Lennon’s quotation on the need to breathe peace inspired Lindsay to have this kind of tattoo. Lindsay indicated that this tattoo is sort of a reminder for her to value the importance of life after she almost lost her consciousness due to a serious attack of asthma at the end of 2005.

Truly inspired with the amazing power of tattoos, she intends to open a tattoo shop in partnership with a friend and tattoo artists. She believes that by doing so, she can make use of her creativity.

Lindsay Lohan Tattoos

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